Global Manufacturing Consulting
What we offer

Engineering Integration

Direct representation, national coverage, strategic partnerships, market experience.

Cost optimization through our services, impacting quality and productivity.

Manufacturing Consulting:

We offer training and conferences through industry experts, as well as provide support with audits, supplier development, machinery, HR and stratetegic planning.

Turn Key Projects

With our experience and the colaboration of well known national and international strategic partners, we develop automation, tooling (molds, dies, fixtures, etc) and product development projects.

A.- Single point of contact: Your company will have only one communication channel to deal with planning, organizing and implementing the project.

B.- Local suppliers (Near Shore Solutions): We first search for suppliers within the “USMCA” region (formerly known as “NAFTA”), benefiting from the tariffs and near shore supplying advantages. We also work with partners in Europe and Asia when neccesary, always looking to move into local supplying in orders to minimize costs, risks and to strengthen the supply chain for our client.

C.- Focus on innovation and efficiency: I3mx is not limited to the capacities of a single company, we search for the best partner with the most efficient solution.

Brand Representation

We boost your business, as an exclusive representative of your brand, or helping you reach business opportunities



We provide consulting services to global OEMs and Tiers regarding turn key solutions in Mexico.


Project Development

Our expertise ranges from the selection of suppliers for complex projects regarding development, engineering changes and functionality, to the selection of the proper machinery.



An high all rounded engineering process which assures the implementation of a high standard solution. Focused on the development of our client´s production capacities.


After Sale

Our scope includes specialized support services; we cover maintnance, service and consulting requirements.